Temperature Sensors for Linux

I am no longer selling hardware. This page and the pages for the old kits are here as reference material only. iButtonLink is now offering DT1A temperature sensor modules for sale, or you can use the Eagle CAD and Gerber files to make your own PC boards.

PuceBaboon also has a selection of 1-wire sensors and their own USB adapter.

Hobby Boards has a very nice selection of modules and kits

AAG Electronica is also a good source for 1-wire modules and weather stations.

Sheepwalk Electronics is in the UK.

DT-LT DigiTemp Linux Toys Kit (Link45 Adapter + 1 DT-SOAW sensor, 1 DT1A sensor, 6' cable)
DT-BASIC DigiTemp Basic Kit (Link45 Adapter + 2 DT-SOAW Sensors)
DT1A-BASIC DigiTemp 1A Basic Kit (Link45 Adapter + 2 DT1A Sensors)
DT-ISP ISP Package (Link45 Adapter + 10 DT-SOAW Sensors)
DT1A-ISP DT1A ISP Package (Link45 Adapter + 10 DT1A Sensors)
DT-SOAW DS18S20 Passive Sensor on 3' wire with RJ-11 connector
DT1A (C) DT1A rev C 1-wire temperature module, assembled with connectors, 1N5817 diode and DS18S20 sensor
DT1A (C) DT1A rev C 1-wire module bare PC board. Suitable for any 3 pin 1-wire device, with jumper selection of parasite powered or +5v power from RJ45 connector.

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