Temperature Sensors for Linux

Bat House
Peter Soderback
Ted Frohling
Emptysoft with WAP now!
PylonSoft Temperatures
Oak Ridge National Laboratory Computational Pile
Czech Technical University in Prague
Per Liedman - GŲ∂teborg, Swede
Jaan J√ľrgenso, SK3W
Smart Home featuring DigiTemp
Temperaturen i Väröbacka
Sensors at Home - Koos van den Hout
Andrzej in Poland

DB-9 with RCA connector version of the Passive DS9097 design.

myTemp for PalmOS

DigiTemp with mySQL built in can be found on this website (note that this is not an officially supported DigiTemp version, contact the author of the patch for help).

Graph MySQL data with dtgraph, download it from here from freshmeat.net

If you are an owner of a DigiTemp sensor and you have your data on a webpage, send me the URL and I'll add you to the list. I know there are a couple of more, but I have lost your locations!

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